The Gates Fire District hosts open houses, educates students in our local school system, and participates in many community events throughout the year.

Now we are taking an additional step with a new and innovative program referred to as “The SafeHome Fire Safety Inspection”, which will help keep your home and family safe.

Because residential homes are not subject to the same requirements for regular fire safety inspections as commercial buildings, we have struggled with how to get fire prevention information to the residents in our community who are at a greater risk.

Did you know most fires start in kitchens, more than any other place in the home, because we simply do not pay attention when we are cooking? And did you know that there are more deaths each year due to smoking inside the home? These are just some of the issues facing people each day. We at the Gates Fire District, want to reverse these trends, reduce injuries and deaths, and decrease the number of fires which will make our community a safer place to live!

The purpose of the home visit is to educate and protect our residents and their homes. We will have pre-determined criteria on a safety checklist with ordinary everyday hazards such as cooking, smoking, heating, etc. Home safety inspections will be conducted by our Fire Prevention Officer as a courtesy to you and your family.

A copy of the checklist will be left with the homeowner and a second copy will be returned to the Fire Prevention Office. The sole purpose of this checklist is to provide recommendations to the homeowner and it is completely free of charge. Finally, if smoke or carbon monoxide alarms are not present or not working, we will install one at no cost to the homeowner.

If you are interested in this free program please contact the Gates Fire District at 426-2720 and ask for our Fire Prevention Officer, to schedule your SafeHome Fire Safety Inspection.