The Gates Fire District offers fire safety awareness and extinguisher training which consists of 30 minutes of lecture covering building evacuation, the PASS system, the different classes of fire, first priorities, and the proper use of a fire extinguisher.  In addition, about 30 minutes will be spent outdoors teaching the proper use of a fire extinguisher on a live fire. Outside, we practice technique, extinguishment, and safety.  Also, as part of this training, we bring our BULL EX fire extinguisher simulator on-site and neither your people nor your parking lot gets dirty. Last year we trained over 600 people in businesses all over Gates.

We would also like to help you conduct an effective fire drill.  We will monitor your drill to ensure two important objectives are met such as getting everyone out quickly and safely.   In addition, we confirm your alarm is received at GFD headquarters within a timely fashion.

These programs are completely free of charge, and we encourage our local businesses to take advantage of them at least once a year. We would be happy to have our Fire Prevention Dept. schedule a time to review the presentation prior to the training to help you gain a better understanding of the program.