Who are we?

The Gates Fire District is an emergency services organization which provides fire, rescue and emergency medical services to a diverse community. We are committed to the preservation of life, property and the environment. Through education, training and public awareness we will enhance the quality of life and the safety of the citizens we proudly serve.

We have often been asked what is the difference between the Gates-Chili Volunteer Fire Department (GCFD) and the Gates Fire District (GFD). These are two independent organizations, working side-by-side for one common goal; the protection of life and property for people in the Towns of Gates and Chili.

The Gates Fire District is a legal political sub-division of government according to the State of New York. The Gates Fire District is governed by a Board of Fire Commissioners who are empowered to levy taxes to provide fire protection to residents within the geographical boundaries of the fire district. Even though our title is ”Gates Fire District”, we do not just provide fire protection to the Town of Gates; we also provide fire protection to portions of The town of Chili. There are five Fire Commissioners for the Gates Fire District who each serve a five year term. Elections for these positions are held in December of each year.

Taxing monies received pay for our three fire stations, an administration building, four fire engines, two aerial ladders, three rescue vehicles and several administrative vehicles. The tax dollars also pay for a career fire force of 30 members and six administrative positions, and for the protective clothing your firefighters wear. This state-of-the-art protective clothing costs in excess of $3,000 per firefighter. In addition, the fire district also pays for all tools and appliances carried on the fire apparatus.

The Gates-Chili Volunteer Fire Department (GCFD) represents the interest of the volunteer firefighters in our community. The Gates-Chili Volunteer Fire Department is governed by a Board of Directors who works in conjunction with the President of the Fire Department. The GCFD operates solely on donations from the community. These funds are used to help offset numerous other expenses incurred and assist with helping to keep the tax rates low. Some specific projects that are funded by the GCFD is our smoke and carbon monoxide detector programs and our Junior Fire Academy which is held during the summer. Additionally, funds are used to assist with the purchase of equipment, uniforms, training and other projects that indirectly assist our community.

The bottom line is that whichever name you relate with, the end result is that both organizations are prepared to respond to your requests and serve our community at a moment’s notice when an emergency arises.