• Phone585-426-2720
  • AddressGates Fire District - 2355 Chili Avenue Rochester, NY. 14624
  • Phone585-426-2720
  • AddressGates Fire District - 2355 Chili Avenue Rochester, NY. 14624


  • · Pre-K (Tools and Toys) – A bag of tools and toys is used to teach preschoolers the difference between toys they can play with and tools for adults specifically lighters and matches.
  • · Kindergarten (Fire Equipment) – After watching a video, students will understand the importance of what a firefighter looks like and the tools they use.
  • · First Grade (911 SIM) – While using a table top simulator, students will learn what to say to an operator when calling 911 to report an emergency.
  • · Second Grade (Home Escape Plans) – Smoke detectors, two ways out and a meeting place are the three components of the home escape plan. At the conclusion of this lesson, students will learn how to draw a plan with their families.
  • · Third Grade (Where There’s Smoke There’s Science) – Students will observe, listen, and participate in group demonstrations and understand the principles of the fire tetrahedron and dangers associated with fire.
  • · Fourth Grade (Acting Out Fire Safety) – A learning program where a group of students read a story about fire safety, act out the story for their classmates, and then answer questions.
  • · Fifth & Sixth Grade ( Fire Power) – A video showing an experimental house on fire demonstrates the importance of a having a home fire escape plan. A discussion follows on the time line of a fire from the incipient stage to the time the fire is extinguished.
  • · Seventh Grade (Operation E.D.I.T.H) – Students will watch a video showing contestants racing against the clock to score points while demonstrating good emergency escape procedures followed by a class discussion on home escape plans.
  • · Eight Grade (Preventing Home Fires) – Using a video and power point presentation we will discuss proactive measures that can be taken to reduce the chances of having a house fire.
  • · Fire Station Tour – The student will understand the fire station’s role in the community as well as the history and current operations, fire house duties, different parts of the fire house, the dispatch center, apparatus and Personal Protective Equipment. (Available for all age groups.)
  • · All lesson plans meet the New York State Learning Standards.

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