Board of Commissioners

Commissioner  – Louis A. Comenale Jr.

Louis A. Comenale, Jr. has been an active volunteer firefighter with the Gates-Chili Fire Department since February 6, 1968. Lou is a past Vice President with the Fire Department and currently serves as a Safety Officer for the Gates Fire District. In addition, he has been a Fire Commissioner since January, 2006.  Lou is a life-long resident of the Gates Fire District. He is married to Rita, has four children and twelve grandchildren. Lou’s family has three generations of firefighters dedicated to the Gates Fire District: Lou’s Dad, Lou, Sr., is a Life Member of the Gates-Chili Fire Department and his son Lou III is a career firefighter with the Gates Fire District.  Lou was proudly inducted into the Gates Chili High School Hall of Fame in 1996.







Commissioner  – Larry Martell

Larry is a lifetime resident of the Town of Gates who joined the Gates-Chili Fire Department in August, 1961. He will complete 50 years of active volunteer fire service duty in August, 2011. Larry gained his interest in the fire service from his dad who was an active firefighter in Gates for many years and a past Battalion Chief of Company #1. Larry has served in several positions within the Fire Department throughout the years including Financial Secretary, Pump & Driving instructor as well as serving several terms on Fire Company House Committees. He became a part-time Treasurer for the Gates Fire District in 1982 after retiring from Rochester Telephone; and in 1994 he became a full time employee of the District as the Business Manager/Treasurer, retiring in 2004. Larry was elected as a Fire Commissioner in 2009.








Commissioner – Greg Schott










Commissioner – Jeff West








Commissioner – David Hancock