Administrative Staff

Tom Tette : District Treasurer

Tom Tette

District Treasurer

Tom is a lifetime resident of the Town of Gates who joined the Gates Fire District as a Fire Commissioner in 2005. Tom believes the Gates Fire District is an incredible organization that provides tremendous value to the Town of Gates and that volunteering for them would be a great way to give back to the community that provided so much for him. Tom became Treasurer for the Gates Fire District in 2007. Along with his duties as Treasurer, he is a partner at Allied Financial Partners, Inc. with an office in Chili, New York.


Ralph Rossi : District Mechanic

Ralph Rossi

District Mechanic

Ralph Rossi is our District Mechanic. He has been a mechanic since his teenage years. Ralph does a tremendous job maintaining our fleet of apparatus. He has been a life long resident of the Gates Fire District. Ralph has been a part of the Gates Fire District holding many ranks, all the way up to Chief back in the early 1980′s. Ralph is married to his wife Rhonda, and has 4 children. Ralph has been District Mechanic since 2007.


Adam Rossi : District IT

Adam Rossi

District IT

Adam Rossi has resided for over 35 years in the Gates Fire District. He not only supports our career staff, but also our volunteer staff. Adam maintains 4 of our buildings, and makes himself available to over a hundred people across both of our organizations. Adam has acquired a vast variety of knowledge throughout the many years he has been working in his field. If it's maintaining our computers, our servers, or even all of our mobile solutions-he is always building out new plans or projects to keep us running efficiently as possible. Adam also handles all of our software installs, roll-outs and even the design and programming of our district website. Since joining us Adam has already rebuilt our vast array of servers and software, redesigned our complete network infrastructure from the ground up across all of our buildings, deployed a cutting edge district-wide telecommunications and radio system. He has also created and deployed a vast network of mobile solutions for everyone of our apparatus, command vehicles, and support vehicles in our district. Adam also works day to day providing and prioritizing his projects and tasks that face us every day.  He architects and implements new projects quickly and efficiently. Adam continues to keep our district on the cutting edge by ensuring we are up-to-date with the latest technology- while at the same time, keeping in mind his budget, and our tax payers. Adam has been supporting our District since 2008.


Mary Beth Dambra : District Clerk

Mary Beth Dambra

District Clerk

Mary Beth Dambra is life-long resident of Chili who is a graduate of Gates-Chili High School. She obtained an Associate’s Degree from Monroe Community College and was hired right out of school by Eastman Kodak Company where she worked for over 29 years. Mary Beth is married to Bart, and they have two sons. Mary Beth has proudly served the Gates Fire District and the Board of Commissioners since 2009.


Shannon Moran : District Secretary

Shannon Moran

District Secretary

Shannon Moran was appointed as District Secretary in 2017. She is a graduate of Gates-Chili High School. Shannon is proud to be employed by the Gates Fire District as several members of her family have held positions within the Town for many years. Shannon’s Great-Grandfather, Joseph L. Donovan served as Fire Chief of the Rochester Fire Department from 1964-1965. Shannon obtained a Master of Science degree in Strategic Leadership from Roberts Wesleyan College. Shannon supports the District with her knowledge of economics of organizational architecture and strategy,  organizational diagnosis & change management,  integrative strategic audit,  financial management, and  strategic management. She resides in Gates with her husband Philip.