Home Fire Sprinkler Advocacy Awareness Toolbox

Every year in New York, more than 100 residents die as a result of a home fire and more than 1,000 are injured severely enough to require hospitalization. Unfortunately, firefighters that respond to residential fires are also at risk. Every year, firefighters in New York die trying to save community members from fire.

Smoke alarms are proven to cut the risk of fire death in half. However, smoke alarms do not always help high risk groups, such as the disabled, small children, or older adults who may hear the alarm but are unable to exit the home on their own. Furthermore, today’s fires have been shown to burn faster and hotter than in the past. The reality is that a home fire can quickly turn deadly for both civilians and the firefighters trying to battle the blaze.

Fortunately, home fire sprinklers can reduce the risks to both civilians and firefighters. The presence of a home fire sprinkler system has been proven to cut the risk of dying in a fire by 82 percent and reduce property loss by 70 percent. In addition, a home fire sprinkler system will stop a fire from growing and spreading out of control, preserving the integrity of the structure and preventing firefighter injuries and deaths.

Home fire sprinklers are not only effective, but also affordable when installed in new construction. Home fire sprinklers are an obvious choice for fire safety!

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